Learner of the month (03/2012)

Congratulations !!!.

Dang Viet Tien (Michael and Kevin)

6 and 8-year-old boys from Hanoi, Vietnam – two of our very first and regular customers.

Have booked about 40 lessons just in March with different tutors (Ms.TeresaGustilo, Ms.SP and Ms.Penny)

Comments from Mr. Khue (Michael and Kevin 's father):

“On behalf of my family, I would like to send my thankfulness to Studynet center and to all tutors who have helped my 2 sons Viet Tien and Viet Trung in the past 3 months (Ms.Jenny Lee, Ms.Teresa, Ms.SP and Ms.Penny).

After a period of time learning at Studynet, I have some comments as below:

 -  Learners are well-supported and consulted by Studynet Team in timely manner.

 -  Tutors are all very friendly, kind and responsible for learners

 -  At first, it was quite hard for our sons to catch up and get familiar with foreign tutors but now everything goes on smoothly. They find it relaxing and interesting to learn English with different tutors. Despite a limited vocabulary, they now are confident talking and discussing with tutors in English.”

Comments from Tutor Teresa:

I have taught them since FEBRUARY 19, 2012 using Side by side textbook (30 lessons so far). Both student are very active and attentive and show great interest in studying English.

Comments from Tutor SP:

I just started teaching these kids but I have observed that they are smart and fast learners. They are always ready to learn, enthusiastic and very cooperative during the lesson. They are so fun to teach and I had a great time teaching them. I hope to have more lessons with them. Keep it up, kids!


Tran Thi Thu:

A young woman from Hanoi, Vietnam with high motivation in learning English. She has booked nearly 30 lessons just in March with Ms.SP.

Comments from Ms.Thu

“I think Studynet is very suitable for leaners with a tight schedule like me. I have tried some English centers but had to leave it halfway as I could not arrange my time. Also, I have studied grammar by myself and joined some English-teaching websites but got bored after just a short period of time. Finally, I came to Studynet, at first with a Vietnamese tutor (3 times per week) since I was not confident enough with my communication skills. Then, I got the courage to try with a foreign tutor, Ms.SP.  Luckily I did cause she impressed me a lot with her enthusiasm. Now, I’m glad that I can chat with her in English as a friend, both in and out of class, which is a very effective way to learn English. I hope more and more people will learn about Studynet in the future and have a better chance to improve their English skills.”

Comments from Tutor SP:

Thu has improved a lot. She can now speak confidently even though her vocabulary is still limited. She has finished Smart Choice 1 and 2 and she is now using Smart Choice 3. She is very diligent to do her homework and other tasks given to her. With her patience and willingness to learn, I am sure that in a short time, she will improve her vocabulary, listening and speaking skills more.  Good work, Thu!  


Ta Thi Van Anh

A young and disciplined woman from Hanoi with 23 lessons booked in March. Always busy with her work but still find time to study at Studynet on a regular basis.

Comments from Ms.Van Anh:


“I have booked about 60 lessons with different tutors such as Ms. Jenny Lee, SP, Teresa Gustilo, Maryanne,…

All tutors have good teaching skills, especially Ms.Jenny Lee and Ms.SP. Tutor Jenny is very professional and well-prepared before each lesson. Her lessons are always of good quality with stable internet connection and quiet environment.

At first, I got a few problems as I was not familiar with the system, but everything is going well now. In my opinion, Studynet is a very useful system with reasonable prices and good services, especially for people who have a busy schedule like me.

My pronunciation and confidence have improved a great deal so I’m planning to have more lessons at Studynet to practice English.

In general, I’m very satisfied with services and teaching quality at Studynet. However, some tutors should pay more attention to their internet connection and teaching environment so that we will have lessons with better quality.

Thank you so much, Studynet and wish you success in the future so learners like me can have a better English-learning environment in the long-term”

Comments from Tutor Teresa:

I have taught her since Dec. 18, 2011. She is a very busy woman but she still manages to book lessons with me.  She is kind of shy and wants to improve her speaking and pronunciation. In our last session together, I saw a big improvement in her pronunciation compared to before, and she could easily understand all my questions.

Comments from Tutor SP:

Anh is a very determined student. She learns English with me every day, especially reading and pronunciation. Before, she had a hard time pronouncing words and reading sentences. But now, she has improved her reading skills as well as her pronunciation, but I advised her to practice more. She is very patient and I am sure that in no time, she will find reading and speaking easy. Keep it up, Anh!