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English for Presentations is part of the Express Series. It is an ideal course for students in employment, who want to communicate better in English. It is also an ideal short course for professionals who regularly need to give presentations in English at work. English for Presentations has six units which cover the language and skills involved at each stage of a presentation. Other related topics are also addressed, such as dealing with nervousness and interacting with an audience. Each unit includes authentic excerpts from presentations with listening activities, gap-fills, and exercises to help students learn and practise specific expressions and structures.

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* Part 1 identifies priorities for working with young learners and suggest strategies for teaching * Part 2 offers guidelines for creating or adapting work programmes and explains how English can be cross-curricular * Includes a Practical Activities section at the end of each part for further exploration

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"Teaching English Pronunciation" is a book entirely focused on the language classroom and the "how to" of doing pronunciation instruction. While there is some theoretical stuff there, it is very much in the backgroud to the practical side. 

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This workbook is filled with activities for beginning learners of English as a Second Language. Covers a wide range of topics, including clothing, home, transportation, and more. Beginning-level ESL learners.